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Digital Clamp Meter:

3 1/2 Digitl DCM-2600, 2605, 2608 DCM-036

3 3/4 Digit DCM-2606, DCM-040 DCM-037

AC Leakage Tester DCM-039

Power Clamp Meter :DPM-041

New AC/DC current clamp meter with clamp transmitter DCM-043

Model:Clamp meter DCM-2600

1000A AC Amp+2000M Ohm

Model: Clamp meter DCM-2606

3-3/4 Digits 1000Amp AC/DC + True RMS

Model:Clamp meter DCM 2605 3-1/2 digits 1,000A AC/DC Amp+ Frequency

Clamp meter 1000A AC/DC
clamp meter 1000A AC/DC
Clamp meter 1000A AC/DC

Model!GClamp meter DCM 2608
1500A AC/ 2000 A DC +Bar GRaph

Digital Clamp meter DCM-036A 3999 Counts, AC 40A/400A CATIII, 600V

Model:Clamp meter DCM 039AC/ DC 200A Clamp Meter

clamp meter 1500A AC / 2000A DC


digital clamp meter ac 40A/400A


clamp meter ac/dc 200A 0.01A

Model: Clamp meter DCM-040
Accurate AC digital clamp meter for leakage current measurement.

New ac 1000A Clamp power meterAC 1000A True RMS Clamp on Power Meter DPM-041

New ac/dc 600A true rms clamp meterAC/DC 600A True RMS Clamp on Meter DCM-042

Leakage clamp meter DCM-040
Clamp meter AC 1000A
Digital Clamp meter AC/DC 600A True RMS

New ac/dc current clamp meterAC/DC current clamp meter

with clamp transmitter DCM-043

Digital Clamp Meter 1999 Counts

400A AC Amp + 20MąG[ Model DCM-032

Digital Clamp Meter 3999 Counts

400A AC/DC Amp + 40M

Model DCM-033

AC/DC current clamp meter clamp transmitter
Digtial Clamp meter
Digital clamp meter
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