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泰菱電子儀器_示波器_三用電錶_溫度計_噪音計_鉤錶 等電子測試儀器_量測電錶
Tecpel digital thermometers, multimeters, clamp meters, oscilloscopes
Tecpel Taiwan Test and measuring instrument
���� TECPEL ���O�q������
���~�u�ū׭p, �p�g�ū׭p UT-302C
LCR�q �q�e �q�P �q���� 100KHz Tecpel LCR-613
�x�W���ܪi�� OS-1022 20MHz
�q�y�_�� �_�����a���ܤĪ� ���ٹq�l����
���ٹq�l����- �Ʀ찪���ܭp �D��IJ���ۧǭp
�ե����ū׭p, �����p
�ŷë׭p thermometer
���P�׭p, ���ٹq�l����
���������ܾ� LED
�u�~�ηūױ��, �ū״���, ���� ���q���P�Žu,���q�·ū׭p�P�ž�
�ŷë׭p, ���׭p, ���ٹq�l����
�G���ƺҰ�����-���ǰ����� ���ٹq�l����
���Z���� LEICA
���ƻ`����, �q���O����, �C�q�y�O���� TandD vr-71
thermometers, anemometers, multimeters, clamp meters test instrument
Anemometer ideally suited for environmental testing, air conveyors, flow hoods, clean rooms, air velocity
Calibrators for temperatue meter, sound level meters
Electrosmog Meter CORNET ED-25G
Infrared Thermometers
Light Meters Datalogger, recorder Lux meters Tecpel
Differential Manometers series Taiwan manufacture
High quality, accurate pH meters,orp meters, electrode for lab and industrial field
Sound Level meter, calibrator series
Digital Tachometers manufactuer
Temperature Humidity meters Line up
Temperature humidity transmitter transducer manufacturer
K type Thermocouple Probes temperature sensor
Thermometers,Temperature meter Web Ethernet data logger
Coating Thickness Gauge
Accessories of Multimeters, clamp meters,Software Thermolink,TestLink
Clamp Transmitters transducer manufacturer
Clamp meter ac/dc a wide range from Quality Taiwan manufactuers
Digital DC Linear Power Supplies
Electric Testers Taiwan Manufacturer
Functin generators Taiwan Tecpel
LCR meter handheld RLC meters 100KHz
handheld digital multimeters dmm
Tecpel Oscilloscope Taiwan Quality Manufacturer
Oscilloscope probe, high voltage, differential probe
Tecpel Taiwan Test leads series
泰菱電子儀器_示波器_三用電錶_溫度計_噪音計_鉤錶 等電子測試儀器_量測電錶
Handheld Oscilloscope multimeter OS-1022
Tecpel Taiwan multimeter Test leads
Temperature humidity transmitters Transducers manufacturer
TECPEL �q�l���q���� New
�����װO���� ������TandD
�ŷëװO����, �ū׬����� ���O�O���� DICKSON
�q������ �T�ιq��
�q�l�����������վɽu �n�� THERMOLOG�� TestLink
�����׶ǰe�� �ŷë׭p
���Ŭ��~�u�ū׭p UT303C
�T�ιq�� �T�ιq�� dmm-8062
3 3/4 3.999 �Ʀ�LCD���� �T�ιq�� �T�ιq�� DMM-8060
�ܪi�� USB GWINSTEK �Ʀ��x�s GDS-1152A-U
100MHz �Ʀ�USB GWINSTEK �x�s�ܪi�� GDS-11502-U
150MHz �Ʀ�USB �x�s�ܪi�� PC BASED GDS-1152A �T�n�q�l
�ܪi�� 60 MHz �Ʀ��x�sUSB PC BASE
�Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� gds-2102
�Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� UTD4102C
100MHz�Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� UTD2102CEX
50MHz �Ʀ��x�s�ܪi��UTD2052CEX
�Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� UT2102C
掌上型示波器 GDS-3000 GWINSTEK
�x�W���ܪi�� 100MHz 2CH
�x�W���ܪi�� OS-2062 60MHz
�ܪi�� 200MHz GOS-6200
�ܪi�� 100MHz GOS-6112 GOS-6103C GOS-6103
20MHz�ܪi�� GOS-620 GWINSTEK
�Ʀ��ܪi�� GDS-1102
100MHz USB �Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� PC BASED GDS-1102A
�ܪi�� �T�ιq�� UTD1025CL
USB �ܪi�� USB TravelScope TS2202E, TS2212E, TS2212A �x�s�ܪi�� PC BASED
�Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� UNI-T UNI-TREND
�x�W���ܪi�� �T�ιq�� OS-81B
�x�W���ܪi�� GDS-122 GWINSTEK
���y�q�������� �洫��
GPIB �i�{��dc���y�q�������� 35V/ 2A x 2
���y�q�������� tpt-3025
Programmable Power Supplies TPS-3020
���y�q�������� TPT-3025
���y�q�������� dc power supply GPC-3030DQ
���y�q�������� GPS-3303
���yDC�q�������� SPD-3606
DC ���y�q�������� GPS-3030D GPS-3030DD
���y�q�������� �洫��PSH-3630
���y�q��������30V, 3A
�_�����a�q���p UT-278A
�_��,�_�� dcm-032
�_��, �q�y�_��, �q�y�P����, �_�� DCM-033
�Ʀ즡�_�� DCM-2608
�檽�y�_�� dcm-039
���y�|�q�q�y�� dcm-040
�Ʀ��_�� ���y�q�y dcm-2600
�檽�y�_�� 3999 ���� 0.01A
�_���檽�y 1999 �Ʀ�
5999 �Ʀ�, AC�u�ꧡ����Ū�� True R.M.S. DMM-139
3 3/4 �Ʀ��q��, �ū׶q��, �۰ʴ��� �U�ιq�� �T�ιq�� �q��
AC ���q�� VD-16 UT-12A, 12B
�T�ιq�� DMM 8050
�T�ιq�� DMM 8020
�T�ιq�� DMM 8007
�T���������t�� Tecpel dmm-088
�T�ιq�� �T�ιq�� dmm-135
�T�ιq�� 3 1/2 �Ʀ��q�� �����Ϲϥ�(Bar Graph)
�T�ιq�� �ū׶q��
�T�ιq�� dmm-123
�T�ιq�� dmm-120
���w���T�ιq�� amm-110 20M�[�کi(Ohm)
�T�ιq���W���� dmm-113
50000 Count �Ʀr�����ܮ��W���T�ιq��
4 1/2 ���W���Ʀ��T�ιq��GDM-8145
�Ʀ챵�a�q���p ERT 580
TECPEL PHS 863 �}���ۧǤΤT���ˬۭp
���t���վ� dim-571
���q���P���� SVD-588
PSC �j�����ܴ��ջ� lp-2811 Tecpel
���u�l�ܾ�Cable Tracer, Tone Generator ,Amplifier Probe CT-581
UT262A �D��IJ�� �}���ۧǤΤT���ˬۭp
LCR���ջ���; LCR�q�� �q���q�P�q�e���վ� LCR-200
€ LCR-816 817, 819
�q�e �q�P �q�� RLC���ջ� LCR-614 10KHz 0.25% �����T�� 40000����
LCR-615 100KHz 測試儀 (電感、電容、電阻錶)
LCR ��
Hand held LCR Meter 1KHz Test Frequency SMD Test lead
LCR�� �q�e �q�P �q���� UT 603
LCR��_�q�P_�q�e_�q����_ SMD ���մ� LCR-610
���N�i�Ψ��ƫH�����;� UTG-2062A
10 MHz SFG-2110 �Ʀr����DDS���ƫH�����;�
5 MHz FG 52 �Ʀr���ܨ��ƫH�����;�
3 MHz FG 32 �Ʀr���ܨ��ƫH�����;�
15 MHz ���ƫH�����;� / 100MHz �p�W��
���ƫH�����;�,100MHz �p�W��
�h�\���{���ե��� CL-325
CL 326 �ū׭p �ե��� 513
�������L�{������, ���u�{���޳N�H���Ӽ����M���ѫH�����A�]�A PT-100 �ū�, 0��22�@�w�A0��28V�A�j���q��24V
�{���ե��� �{�������� UT712 �q���q�y������
���q�ե��� DSL-336 1356
�{���ե��� �{�������� cl-420A �q���q�y������
Oscilloscope probes, differential probes
示波器測棒 高壓測棒
高壓測試棒 hv-40
100MHz 高壓差動測棒 示波器測棒 DP-100 高頻,大電力專用可 匹配任何廠牌示波器使用
T_and_D_TR-77Ui �����K�׷����װO����
���� Ethernet Lan �ūװO���� T_and_D_TR-71W_TR-72W_ �����װO����
T_and_D_TR-71W_TR-72W_���� Ethernet Lan �ūװO���� �����װO����
�ūװO����, tr-72ui �����װO����
�ūװO���� TR-52U
�饻 T and D PT100 �ūװO���� ������ �Ʀ��ū׭p
TandD ���ƼƾڰO����
�ū׭p dtm-305a
�ū׭p 307
�ū׭p dtm-315
�ū׭p Tecpel 316
�ū׭p dtm-506
�ū׭p Tecpel 317
�O���Ʀ��ū׭p k�� dtm-318
�|�I�ū׭p�ūװO���� Tecpel DTM-319
�����׭p dtm-321
���������ܾ� LED
�ŷë׭p humidity meters
�s�������׭p_�q�l�������׭p �����������׭p
DICKSON �����װO���� TH8P3 TH8P5
DICKSON �۰O�� ���L�� �����װO���� TH622 623
�ūװO���� Dickson KT 800
Dickson TP120 TP125 DICKSON �f�U�������װO���� �ūװO���� ������
�x�Ϋ����ƿ��J�O���� Dickson ES120
�Ʀ즡�ū׭p �̤j����7,900�� �� 10,000�� 20201 DELTATRAK RS-232
���v�������׭p TH-20A
�ӫ׭p ���J�� dlm-530
�ӫ׭p�O���� ������
�ӫ׭p LX-101 light meter
UVA �ӫ׭p
�ӫ׭p ���� dlm-531
TECPEL �ӫ׭p LM-8000
�Ʀ즡�ӫ׭p�f�U�� LM-81LX
���W���R�� 1358 �Y��1/1�K���שM 1/3�K���פ��R
�C�W�����p TES1353L �ŦXIEC 61672-1 class1�з�; ���୵�q�B�n�S���q
�����p,���q�p UT 352
�����p dsl-333 ²����
�Ʀ즡�����p DSL-332C
���q, ����, �����p,�����O����
�����p, �����Ʀr���ܾ�, ���q�p
���~�u�ū׭p Fluke 561
���~�u�ū׭p �p�g USB DIT-516 517 518
k�� ���q�� ���~�u�p�g�ū׭p DIT-515K
紅外線溫度計 IR-50 OPTRIX
���~�u�p�g�ū׭pIR-20 IR-30
���~�Ŭ��~�u�p�g�ū׭p Tecpel D-175
���~�u������ UTi160A
���~�u�ū׭p dit-512c
���~�u�ū׭p, �p�g�ū׭p UT-302C
OPTEX ���~�u�p�g�ū׭pba-30ta ba-06ta ba-30tv ba-06tv
紅外線溫度計 DIT-513 DIT-515
���~�u�ū׭p UT300A
���~�u�ū׭p dit-300c
Fluke ���~�u�p�g�ū׭p MT4
�T�w�����~�u�ū׭p irs-20
OPTEX ���~�u�p�g�ū׭p PT-3S
雷射溫度計 日本 OPTEX PT-S80/PT-U80(USB輸出)手持型紅外線測溫儀
�T�w�����~�u�ū׭p irs-20
pH ���P�׭p�q����
pH���յ�, ���P�׭p,pH-873
���P�׭p ������ pH-709
pH ���P�׭p pH-871
�����p, pH ���P�ȭp pH-707
pH ���P�׭p pH-220
pH ���P�׭p pH-706
pH ���P�׭p ph-703
HANA ������pH���յ� HI-98127, HI-98128 pH meter
pH ���P�׭p pH-220
�M�~pH ���P�׭p pH-705 +�q������+ �ū״���
pH ���P�ȭp ph-704
���t�p RM-1500 TECPEL
���t�p DT-2236
���t�p SHIMPO DT-205NRC
閃光同步轉速計 DT-2239A
���t�p UT-371,372
���u�����t�p ���ŭp Hot Wire Anemometer AVM-714
�h�\�૬���t�p/���q�p/���ŭp �C�i���u�]�b�ӳ]�p
���t�p- ���t�p/���q�p/���ŭp �T���@��
���t�p-3 1/2�Ʀ��B1999�ƦrLCD����,�C�����b�Ӳy�����ʳ]�p
���t�p,���q�p,���ŭp,�T���@�� avm-715
二氧化碳偵測器 CO2 ZG-106
�ܥd �p�g���Z�� ���Z�� Leica DISTO D3 X310
二氧化碳偵測器 CO2 ZG-1683R
�饻 T and D PT100 �ūװO���� ������ TR-81
電磁波偵測器, 磁場測試儀, 高斯表
���C���W�q�Ϫi���վ� ED-25G
������ �q�ϳ��j�״��վ�"
Fluke �T�ιq��, �_��, ���~�u�ū׭p, ���Z��
�p�g���Z�� ���Z�� UT-391
�p�g���Z�� ���Z�� LEICA PREXISO A1 ���q���ס�3mm�A���q�Z����40m
�p�g���Z�� ���Z�� Leica Disto D2
Leica DISTO D5 �����p�g���Z�� 200��
FLUKE 411D �p�g���Z�� �q���Z��:30 M �ָS�J
Tecpel New multimeters, handheld oscilloscope, clamp meters
LCR metr precision instruments handheld meters
Portable digital Hot Wire Anemometer AVM 714
Anemometer meter Wide applications for air conditioning,heating systems
Anemometer air speed avm-702 Low friction ball-bearing design
TECPEL AVM 715; Anemometer meter, air flow + air temperature
temperature calibrator,sound level, 4~20mA
4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA with 1mA resolution Process calibrator
Dual Temperature Calibrator and Thermometer
Sound Level meter Calibrator dsl-336
4-20mA handheld Process calibrator TECPEL CL-324
Process calibrator TECPEL CL-324
EMF Tester
EMF tester
Electrosmog meter Cornet ED-25G
Infrared Thermometer laser mark gun type
Infrared Thermometer stick type dit-510
Infrared Thermometer stick type temperature 550 C
Infrared Thermometer laser mark gun type DIT-300
Infrared Thermometer pocket
Digital Light meter handheld Lux meter dlm-530
Digital Light meter Lux/Footcandle meter dlm-531
TECPEL_Datalogging_Light Meter_(RS-232)_DLM 536_TAIWAN
TECPEL_Datalogging_Light Meter_(RS-232)_DLM 536_TAIWAN
照度計數位照度計 照明設備 亮度量測 射影器材 UVA-830
Differential Manometer pm-730
dual input Differential Manometer pm-731
Digital pH meters pH-703
Tecpel pH-873 pen type pH meter water teatment
Tecpel pH-871 pen pH meter
water proof pH meter pH-709 Tecpel
Tecpel pH-706 magnetic type pHmeter
pH meter 705 water tester
soil pH and moisture meter pH-707
TECPEL pH 870 pH meter RS-232
electrode pH meter
handheld digital portable pH meter Tecpel pH-708
Sound Level Meter profesional
Sound Level Meter self calibration
Sound Level Meter Economic
Sound Level data logger dsl-331
Sound Level meter Calibrator dsl-336
Sound Level Calibrator 336
TECPEL-TACHOMETER RM-1500, 1051, 1502
Temperature and Humidity meter
Hygrometer humidity meter dtm-550
Temperature Humidty data logger Recorder USB tr-72ui, 71ui
8 -28% Wood Moisture Meter TMM-590
Temperature humidity transmitter, Transducer TRH-300, 301, 303
K/J/T/E/R/S/N-Type Dual Input Thermometer ( DTM-506B) Taiwan Test Instruments and Measurement
Digital Thermometer Taiwan manufactuer DTM-800
Digital Thermometers single input dtm-305b
Digital Thermometer Dual input dtm-307
16,000 records 4-input temperature data logger
digital thermometer dtm-305c
Coating Thickness Gauge for ferrous material
Coating Thickness Gauge for ferrous and non ferrous material
current clamp tranmitter ca-60
TECPEL AC/ DC Current Clamp transmitter
clamp tranmitter ca-1000d
Clamp meter and Current Transmitter
current clamp tranmitter ca-60
Tecpel Test and measuring meters electronic tools
AC Current Clamp meter Taiwan
AC DC Current Clamp meter 0.01A dcm-2606
AC DC Current Clamp meter 1999 Counts
AC dc Current Clamp meter dcm-2608
AC DC Current Clamp meter 0.01A dcm-039
AC Leakage current clamp meter
AC Power Current Clamp meter
Current Clamp meter dcm-042
Clamp meter DCM-032
How to use a Clamp meter?
Programmable DC Power supply TPT-3025
GPIB Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies taiwan
GPIB Programmable DC Power Supplies PPS-3520
DC Power Supplies gps-3303
dc power supply gpc-3030dq
DC power supply GPS-3030D GPS-0330DD
Phase Sequence Indicator, Three phase tester
Digital Insulation meter insulaiton tester
Digital Insulation tester dim-572
Phase Sequence Indicator Taiwan
Digital Insulation tester Megohm meter DIM-570
Cable Tracer, Tone Generator ,Amplifier Probe CT-581
digital loop impedance tester lp-2811 Tecpel
Personal Safety Voltage Tester
High voltage proximity tester hvp-275
15 MHz function generator with counter
TECPEL 200KHz LCR200 LCR Meter RLC MT4090
GWINSTEK LCR Meter instrument LCR-816, 817, LCR-819 lCR-826, 827, 829
LCR Meter lcr-610
Test Frequency 1KHz/120Hz 20000 Counts LCR Meter Dual Display lcr-612
Test Frequency 1KHz/120Hz 20000 Counts LCR Meter Dual Display lcr-612
Handheld LCR Meter lcr-613
Multimeters diigital dmm-8061 rs-232
Multimeters rs-232 dmm-8062
Heavy Duty Digital Multimeter dmm-8020
Heavy Duty Digital Multimeter lcr dmm-8007
Automotive multimeter dmm-8088
Digital multimeter 3999 counts RS-232 DMM-129A
Digital Multimeter 4 1/2 digit dmm-8050
Low Cost Multimeter dmm-125
Multimeter dmm-124 temperature
Low Cost Multimeter dmm-123
Low Cost Multimeter dmm-120
Analog Multimeter amm-110 Resistance up to 20M Ohm
Digital Pocket Multimeter DMM-113B
Multimeter Palm size DMM-135A
Multimeter Palm size dmm-134
100MHz Oscilloscope gds-1000a
Digital Storage oscilloscope UTD2102CEL UTD2052CEL UNI-T
Handheld Oscilloscope multimeter 8MHz OS-81B
100MHz Oscilloscope gos-6112
Handheld Oscilloscope multimeter 60MHz OS-2062
Analog 50MHz Oscilloscope
Dual Trace analog Oscilloscope gwinstek GOS-620
Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20MHz GOS-620
Thickness gauge for Ferrous, Non Ferrous material
Temperature Humidity data logger recorder series
Temperature Humidity meter Highly accurate Tecpel dtm-550
Fluke �T�ιq��, �_��, ���~�u�ū׭p, ���Z��
Products : TR-7wf/nw Series(Temp/Humidity Data Logger) TR-7xwf TandD �L�u�ūװO����, �����׬����� tr-71wf, tr-72wf, tr-72wf-h
�j�����O�p �j�����O�O���� TandD
DICKSON �����װO���� ���L���ū׬����� �ū׭p Promotion
���O�p ���O�O���� ���O������ PR8
DICKSON ���O�p ���O�O���� ������ PW860 865 866 867 875
DICKSON �ūװO���� SM 320 SM 325
�Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� UTD2102CEL
���W���T�ιq�� UT804
���W���T�ιq�� UT803
�T�ιq�� UT71D
�T�ιq�� UT-70A
�T�ιq�� UT90
�T�ιq�� Fluke 117
�ܪi�� �T�ιq�� UT81B
�T�ιq�� UT 50E
�T�ιq�� UT-58C
�C���� 1999 ���� �Ʀr�T�ιq�� UT-30B
���q�� UT-12A, 12B
�_�� UT 232
�_�� UT206A
�_�� UT 202
�_�� UT203
�_�� UT 208
�����t���ܭp �����t���ܴ��վ� �����p1000G �[
LCR�� �q�e �q�P �q���� UT 612
�T�ιq�� UT-10A
�T�ιq�� Fluke 179
�Ʀ��x�s�ܪi�� UT2102C
�檽�y(AC/DC)�q�y�_���౵�� ca-600
�Ʀ즡�_�� CA-1000D1000A AC/DC�w���_���౵��
�����׭p, ���׭p�t�C
TECPEL cl-325 Process calibrator cl-123 125 127 100
GPIB �i�{��dc���y�q�������� 35V/ 2A x 2
Heavy Duty Clamp-on Meters data sheet
Digital multimeter 3999 counts RS-232 DMM-129A
Low-cost Digital Multimeter dmm1
UNI-T�ܪi��,�T�ιq��,�_��,�����p,���t�p,���Z�� Uni-Trend.html
AVM712.files/ 1 pages
���٦������q TECPEL �q�l�q����������
DM/ 24 pages
Manual/ 5 pages
My%20Pictures/ 1 pages
Thermometer/ 12 pages
�ūװO���� TR-71
Large Display Thermometer/Hygrometer
Temperature and Humidity Meter
Temperature and Humidity Meter Data Logger dtm-322
Digital Thermometers single input dtm-305
Digital Thermometer dual input dtm-307
Digital Thermometer single input RS-232
Digital Thermometer dual input rs-232 interface 316
Digital Thermometer data logger single input
Digital Thermometer data logger